Jordan’s Internal Power Struggle & Brewing Existential Crisis

By Marco Vicenzino, 4 April 2021 For decades, the kingdom of Jordan has been one ...
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Greek Independence After 200 Years: An Enduring Global Legacy

After 400 years of foreign domination, Greece began its war of independence on 25 March ...
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Covid-19: One Year Later

As an international conference speaker, I am often asked: “What keeps you awake at night?” ...
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Italy’s New Draghi Government: More About National Salvation Than Unity

As the man who was credited with saving the single currency during Europe’s sovereign debt ...
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U.S. Leadership Must Account For January 6th Security Failures

The fierce pursuit of those who caused America's most egregious and embarrassing security failure on ...
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Europe Must Resist Erdogan in Eastern Mediterranean

The escalating maritime dispute between Turkey and Greece involving the delimitation of their continental shelves ...
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US economic outlook until November: cloudy with a chance of escalating trade wars

Despite the recent return of stock market volatility and diminishing hopes that easing lockdowns would ...
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U.S.-China Rivalry Will Shape Post-Coronavirus World Order

South China Morning Post Marco Vicenzino US-China rivalry will shape post-coronavirus world order while India ...
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